htdig: Netscape search fail but IE works fine! And indexing pdf files.

Tim White (
Wed, 17 Dec 1997 18:17:21 -0500


  I'm running the latest version of htdig ( 3.0.8b2 ) and have noticed that
 some versions of netscape 3.x on Sun Solaris have no hit results for a
 simple query. Run the same query on a IE machine and this works fine. Any
 idea what's wrong with this?

   Also I'm looking for an elegant method of indexing pdf files. I've
 my pdf files into postscript with xpdf and then index the postscript files.
 I'd like to have the search return a pdf file instead of a postscript files.
 I have this working in a kludgy kind of way by renaming files, index, rename
 files. I thought of using xpdf source to add a .pdf parser but this would
 be involved I think.

  TIA, tim

Tim White Open Systems Administrative Services P.O. Box 11306
(803)-561-6464 Columbia, SC 29211

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