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Brian Kariger (
Wed, 17 Dec 97 11:35:01 -0800

I have similar problems with heading_factor_# not having any effect on

On 12/17/97 10:38 AM, Bethany Hanson wrote:
>I would really like to use keywords to make certain pages show up better
>in htdig than others. I've not changed any of the other factors, but I've
>pumped the value of the keywords up in my config file with:
>keyword_factor: 222
>In the file that I want to pump up I've added in the <head> area:
><META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="Academic, ACADEMIC, catalog,
>After running htdig again, I consistently get two pages that score the
>same amount of stars (4), yet appear before my keyworded page. These two
>pages don't have any meta keywords and have the same amount of words in
>the regular text and in the title. The two pages that appear before my
>keyworded page have titles that would alphabetically appear before it. Is
>that why it's happening? Can anyone tell me why this isn't working? Is
>it kosher to pump keyword_factor up to 1000? I tried this already, but it
>didn't seem to help. Does htdig just count text in the regular text or in
>the <a href>'s as well? Does having spaces in the meta keywords mess it
>up? Please help!
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