htdig bug ?

Alexey Yu. Semyonov (
Wed, 10 Dec 1997 17:40:47 +0600

Hello !
I 've downloaded and installed htdig 3.08b2 on Solaris 2.4.
After some test digging I've noticed that htdig visit sites
which names start with or www.iu although this sites are not
allowed to visit by configuration files.
I understand that problem is in file. But I can not
the algorithm you use. So I've not solved this problem yet.
May be this is well known bug and only I do not know anything about it.

By the way, I wrote special module Charset for automatic recognition and
translation of russian
character set used in document. If you interesting in it I will send
source code.

Best wishes,
  Alexey Semyonov
  Academgorodok Internet Project

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