Mario Baetz (
Thu, 04 Dec 1997 16:52:24 +0100

I am working at DESY Germany, a High-Energy-Physics laboritry.
We have just installed the htdig search engine.

I have two questions. I hope You can answer:
1. When clicking a link in the search results, the browser does not jump
in the region the the search string could be found. Even if the string
is an anchor in the html-page, the browser always stays on top of the
page. The manual on Your homepage says, that this should work by

2. We want to use different databases at the same timewith the same
instance of htdig. Is this possible? We use htdig for our Intranet. I
want to have an engine for the whole intranet and another engine which
just gives results of the webserver of a certain division.

Thanks for Your support.

The engine is real great stuff.


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