Wed, 3 Dec 1997 12:17:59 -0500

Hi Andrew,
Thanks for reply. I configured htDig as user. You can see my page at
I have another question though. I configured using anchors but I don't
know how the result supposed to look. I used to use wn http secure
server which had the built-in search engine and it used to generate
anchors. Those anchors were links into the hits in the document when
you click on the result anchor it would take you to the point in the
document where that word is. Could you please take a look at my page
and tell me if anchors are working or not. I am also thinking
integrating htDig into harvest search engine. Do you know if anyone
attempted to do that. You will see the harvest on my page but I
disabled it for know. Harvest goes out and brings objects in and then
uses glimpse indexing tool to index the objects. But I don't like the
search results of the glimpse. Harvest manual states that other
indexing tools can be integrated into the Harvest. I am going to try
with your indexing tool to see if it works. Any idea on this subject
also appreciated. Thanks and by now.

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