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Vincen Pujol (
Mon, 24 Nov 1997 18:24:22 +0100

At 08:19 24/11/97 -0800, you wrote:
>Vincen Pujol wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I contact you because my email on the HTDIG Mailing-list stayed
>> answer. My problem is the following: htdig indexes all my documents but
>> when I do a research with htsearch it doesn't give me all the responses !!
>> For example, you can go at and do a search with
>> the keyword zdnet and it returns none result unless some pages who have
>> been indexed contains this string !!! Would you may to tell me what is
>> wrong ???
>> Thanks a lot because this is a very annoying problem and
very urgent !!!
>> Vincèn Pujol
>> Webmaster Bayo-Net
>I made a search page that uses your search engine and found that the
>"restrict" hidden value is the problem. When I took that out, I got a match
>when I searched for "zdnet".
>Here is what I got:
> Documents 1 - 1 of 1 matches. More 's indicate a better match.
> PushCentral
> ... , the Interactive Journal brings together an unmatched
> high-quality content and powerful interactive capabilities.
> ZDNet Personal View How would you like your own
> computing information service on the Web, tailored to include only
> favorite topics? Now you can have ...
> , 7359 bytes
>By the way, your pushcentral site looks really nice!
>Andrew Scherpbier <>
>Contigo Software <>

                Hi Andrew,
        Thanks a lot for your quick answer but I'm going to define more exactly
the problem. I have a web page at the following URL who details the ZDNET Web Site.
Htdig is setup to index all the files in the /site directory and when I
look at it during the indexation, it looks to browse all the files.
Nevertheless, when I do a search from the template without putting the
restrict tag, it find one web page but not this one :-((( Do you have an
idea of what occurs ???
                Thanks a lot for your quick help

Vincèn Pujol
Webmaster Bayo-net

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