ht://Dig 3.0.8b1 mods

Michael Blakeley (
Thu, 13 Nov 1997 20:35:57 -0800


I've downloaded ht://Dig 3.0.8b1 and installed it on a FreeBSD system. I
had to make a couple mods to get things working to my satisfaction.

First, I found that gdbm.h wasn't being found. Here's my fix:

diff -w htdig-3.0.8b1/ htdig-3.0.8b1+/
< INCS= -I../htlib -I../htcommon -I../include -I../@RX_DIR@/rx

> INCS=         -I../htlib -I../htcommon -I../include -I../@RX_DIR@/rx

Second, I had a problems with the SCRIPT_NAME being passed into the CGI variable, for use as the FORM action. I wanted to have htsearch in the same directory as search.html, but my server (Best-www) doesn't start SCRIPT_NAME with a '/'. So I added one:

diff -wr htdig-3.0.8b1/htsearch/ htdig-3.0.8b1+/htsearch/ 240c240,244 < vars.Add("CGI", new String(getenv("SCRIPT_NAME")));

>     vars.Add("CGI", new String(form("/%s", getenv("SCRIPT_NAME"))));

Finally, a couple minor things: * the make install process doesn't allow me to have htsearch installed as htsearch.cgi - I'd like to. * the make install changes the CGIBIN directory to group-writable. That's a security problem, so my ISP won't execute CGIs from a group-writable directory. That took me a bit to find :-) * The make install should make sure that the htdig hierarchy is group/world-readable, and the directories should be group/world-exec, so that the CGI can run as nobody.

I'm still playing around, so no functional feedback yet. Looks like a nice program, and it was actually pretty easy to set up.

thanks, -- Mike

Michael Blakeley

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