Couple of Question about HTdig

Just Scott (
Mon, 10 Nov 1997 14:44:17 -0500

    I downloaded HTdig for linux recently (BTW: Works great) but I am having
a couple of non OS related difficulties.
Ques 1: If I would like to remove an URL from the database, how can I
accomplish this task. I tried removing the URL from the config file (Then
htdig, htmerge), but the index entries remain in the database (I thinK).
Result, when I search for anything related to the URL the search comes to a
grinding hault and displays an error message. I assume this is becuase the
index table can no longer reflect correctly what resides within the
Ques 2: On your site you state that this package is basically not to be used
as a commercial index server, it's roughly used for intranets. Why is that
so? Would using this package as a commercial index server (commercial
meaning high volume) cause problems, is it limited in some way? Do you know
of any other index servers/spiders out there that are free as well?

I would like to make a Unix/Linux data site, which I hoped to use your
product. But I'm not really sure how large it may be or how many sites will
be indexed. Any information you can give would be useful. BTW, Redhat linux
site uses your package to maintain it's information. I found
out about HTdig from one of the admins there.

Thanks in Advance

Whether or not I end up using your package (which I hope I can) just wanted
to say that this package is GREAT. Simple and straight forward, had it up in
running in under 30 minutes including indexing a few large sites.

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