htdig: monitoring htdig

Mike (
Fri, 07 Nov 1997 15:49:50 -0700

How can I tell what htdig is doing or monitor where it is in it's dig?

Sometimes it seems to hang forever and I'd like some way to re-assure

I had htdig running on 3 sites, it only took around 15-20 min to index the

Now I have added 4 more sites to index, and the process is taking more than
3 hours?

Is this normal?

What is the average time to index (guestimate.. I'm on a 100mhz pent

1 site? 5 sites? 10 sites? 100 sites? Does anyone have it indexing more
than 200 sites?

Also... After it indexs.. I can search.. while it's indexing.. The search
returns invisible results, the pages are there(1,2,3 at the bottom of page)
but no links to the results appear?

And last but not least...

If I start htdig indexing, can I log off the machine and have it complete
it's process? or do I have to set it up to run from crontab lest I stay
logged in till it's done?

Thanks A Million!(wish they were bucks!)
Mike Fresener
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