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Michael van Leeuwen (
Mon, 3 Nov 1997 22:10:22 +0100 (MET)

Htalarm - a patch to ht://Dig

    Htalarm is a patch to the ht://Dig search robot written by
    Andrew Scherpbier. Both code and documentation are heavily
    based upon the htnotify service.

    Often it is just to much to check every time to see if a
    document is updated. For many documents like calenders,
    schedules or documents keeping track of patches and updates
    it is nice to be notified if it has changed.

    Htalarm scans the document database created by ht://Dig and
    sends an email message to every subscriber of a certain
    page if this page has changed (indicated by a META-tag)
    since the last time the notification was send. Subscription
    can be done manually or via a mailinglist.
    Look in the accompanied manual for instructions to set up
    this service.

Version & Availability

    This patch is based upon htdig-3.08b. It should work on
    htdig-3.07 also.
    See <URL:>

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