Re: htdig-3.08b1 and external_parser

Jason Haar (
Mon, 03 Nov 1997 16:09:06 +1300

Hi Andrew

I'm afraid C++ isn't really one of the languages I understand (I know
English... ;-). Do I need to add something like:

external_parsers: /usr/bin/word2txt .doc /usr/bin/ps2text .ps

to htdig.conf?

Well, I know that doesn't work - I tried it :-) - but hopefully I'm on the
right track?



> >
> > I've just downloaded htdig-3.08b1 and just had our local people ask if
> > htdig could search through the likes of PDF and Word files as well as
> > HTML. I've got tools that can make at least a pass at this task, but I
> > thought htdig couldn't be convinced to call an external program. Then I
> > saw external_parser...
> >
> Yeah, I know I never documented that stuff. As a matter of fact I actually
> never tested it, either...
> I was looking at that code a couple of weekends ago and it really does look
> like it should work.
> Look at htdig/ for details on what the external program
> should do.

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