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Paul Skiba (
Sat, 01 Nov 1997 09:52:30 +0000

Hi Andrew,
I started using ht://Dig as a search engine on a site I'm constructing
about a month ago. I like the product but am confused as to how to get
it to serve my purposes without returning to much information. To be
exact here's my problem;

The site I am using ht://Dig on is at

This is an entertainment site. Within the calendar of events there are
approximately 1,000 events listed. There are a number of ways to get
into these events. We quickly discovered that to categorize all of our
events we would need to send ht://Dig to a certain subset of the pages,
the three months at a glance in each category offers up links to each of
the events. The first of our two problems is that these pages are
basically composed of bulleted links into each respective event. The
ht:/Dig search results are practically illegible towards thed bottom of
the results. As an example here is one of the search results that I get
when I search on jazz.

Community Events for the Next Three Months
                         ... Healing Series: Accessing Your Creativity *
A Chester
                         County Holiday Celebration * War Comes to
Chester County,
                         1777-1778 * University of Delaware Jazz Chamber
                         * Marie Osmond Delivers"Magic of Christmas"
Show at Caesars
                         Atlantic City Return to top Tuesday, December
9, 1997 *
                         Delaware Art Museum

the excerpt is only part of the complete document.
                         10/29/97, 31332 bytes

Its kind of messy and doesn't make sense. My question is this: all of
the events reside within one directory, which happens to be named
events. Is there a way to just have this one directory, with its
thosand files, indexed. We have thought about providing one document
with links to all the events, but this leads to the same problem in
that, that document would be returned by a search, or would it? If we
put a list of url's on a page with no other text would ht://Dig return
this page? If so, is there an automatic or manual way for us to
suppress this one page from the data file so it wouldn't be returned in
a search?

My other question is that my navigation is getting returned in the
search results of pages, is there a way to avoid this. I thought I
might be able to control whats returned with a meta-tag but after going
through your site I am uncertain about this approach. Can you help me?
We are hoping to go live with this site on Friday and this is the number
one functuionality issue on my plate. We would gladly make a donation
to your favorite charity or help out in any way we can for some timely

Paul Skiba
(302) 324-2432
Online Production Coordinator
Wilmington News Journal

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