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Florin Trofin (
Wed, 22 Oct 1997 09:34:02 +0300

Dear Andrew,

I downloaded ht://dig several weeks ago and I enjoyeda lot.

But I think you forgot a facillity really necessary: what if the
documents I have are not linked ? Let's say that I have a bunch of docs
stored in a directory tree and I want to have them indexed too.

You might say: Ok, change the protocol http:// with file://.
Ok, but in this case I will have just one document indexed because your
digging engine follow the links...bla, bla, bla...(U know the

So, I though that with minor changes to htdig, you will be able to
improve it features.

Hey, don't be scared, I know U are very busy, so if U can give me some
hints, I can do it for U with no cost (it's free, isn't it?).

In fact I did the whole thing, but I'm stucked in URL object. I don't
understand what is Referer for?!

Here is an excerpt from (modified):

        URLRef *ref = new URLRef();

As U can see I initialize referer with the same string as the url (the s
is a string like this: ftp://export/home/docs).
But it didn't work (probably obviously for U...).

So please tell me what to do with referer and I'll send to you this code
as soon I can make it.

Nice job U did!

Thanks for your time and have a nice day,

Florin Trofin
System Engineer at ROMSYS

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