htdig: Continuing problems with hangups, after months of trying to fix...

Eric Poole (
Thu, 16 Oct 1997 15:37:33 -0400 (EDT)

in the htdig mailing list, you wrote:

> I'm using 3.0.8b1 with Pasi's wonderful patches.

Who is Pasi, and where can I find his patches?

Are his patches included in 3.0.8b2?

I've been trying for months to get htdig to work reliably to index between
500 and 1000 external websites, but most of the time (almost all of the
time), it runs anywhere from a few hours to a day or two and then just
hangs, stops running, doesn't exit or give any indication of why it is
unhappy, just stops running as though in an endless loop.

Numerous requests for help to the mailing list and to Andrew directly have
gone unanswered.

I did find a note from Andrew to someone else in the mailing list that
indicated a possible problem with max_doc_length that could cause that, so
I set max_doc_length to 1000000, at least five times longer than the
longest document I could ever expect to see. No luck.

I upgraded to 3.0.8b2, no luck.

This problem has shown up on several different versions of Linux, on
several different machines all the way up to a Pentium 133 with 128 megs
RAM and 512 megs swap. Seems to be no difference in behavior.

And there is no repeatability as to when the hangup occurs, it occurs on
any website at any time and after any length of runtime.

Maybe Pasi's patches can help. Where can I find them?

Thanks much ...

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