Re: htdig: External document parser??

Richard Jones (
Tue, 23 Sep 1997 18:20:29 +0100

Michael J. Long wrote:
> While looking at the TODO list, I noticed that 'external
> document parser support' was marked with a bullet signifying
> that this is complete and in the current release. Is there
> somewhere I can get some information about this so that I
> may write a parser?? I looked through the documentation
> quickly and did not see anything, I may have overlooked it.

If I might add ...

Any info at all on the external document parser
support would be really welcome. I was trying to hack
together support for MS-Word files using this trick,
and I got unstuck, because I couldn't work out how
to present the data back to the external parser
in HTDIG. I know this is a feature a lot of people
would like, but without knowing how this works, I
can't go anywhere on it.


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