htdig: External document parser??

Michael J. Long (
Tue, 23 Sep 1997 08:33:03 -0400

While looking at the TODO list, I noticed that 'external
document parser support' was marked with a bullet signifying
that this is complete and in the current release. Is there
somewhere I can get some information about this so that I
may write a parser?? I looked through the documentation
quickly and did not see anything, I may have overlooked it.

BTW, excellent tool, it is very useful and as soon as the
postscript and PDF parsers are released, it will be the
perfect indexer/searchers for my needs.

When can we expect to see the items that 'are complete but
not in the current release yet'?? Is there a way I can
help beta test those items?? I am currently using the 3.0b1
release (haven't had time to upgrade to b2).

Michael J. Long

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