Re: [htdig3-dev] Win32 port

Subject: Re: [htdig3-dev] Win32 port
From: Torsten Martinsen (
Date: Mon Feb 28 2000 - 23:55:51 PST

Yep, I know those options and have successfully used them to coerce MSVC into accepting a .c file as C++. However, with the .cc extension, I have had no such luck.

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Subject: Re: [htdig3-dev] Win32 port

> > General notes:
> > - I still havn't figured out how to make MSVC understand that a .cc file is C++. I have had to rename/copy all .cc files to .cpp. This can of course be done in a build script.
> Torsten:
> Take a look at the /Tp /Tc /TC and /TP options. They allow you set the default
> file type to be C++ or C, and the lowercase variants allow you to specify
> single files as such. Seeing that htdig seems to be made up of almost all C++
> files you should be able to get away with /TP, which makes all files C++ by
> default.

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