Re: [htdig3-dev] Segmentation fault in long run

Subject: Re: [htdig3-dev] Segmentation fault in long run
From: Valdas Andrulis (
Date: Mon Feb 28 2000 - 23:45:12 PST

Hi again,

I have one more core file, I configured --disable-static and
compiled everything with -g including BerkeleyDB.

System: linux Mandrake, kernel 2.2.14, glibc 2.1.1, gcc version 2.95.2
19991024 (release), physical RAM 128MB, 650MB swap
option wordlist_compress: true

I have got:
FATAL ERROR:WordDBPage::Uncompress read wrong num worddiffs
FATAL ERROR at line:335 !!!

and core file, backtrace:
Core was generated by `./htdig -v -i'.
Program terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault.

#0 0x8086884 in WordDBPage::Uncompress_rebuild (this=0xbfffeac4,
    rnum_sizes=0x84c0840, nnums0=11, rworddiffs=0x89a5a98 "",
nrworddiffs=38) at
#1 0x8085c6b in WordDBPage::Uncompress_main (this=0xbfffeac4,
pin=0xbfffea64) at
#2 0x808380a in WordDBPage::Uncompress (this=0xbfffeac4,
pin=0xbfffea64, ndebug=0)
#3 0x807b363 in WordDBCompress::Uncompress (this=0x8284a30,
inbuff=0x899d740 "\004",
    inbuff_length=504, outbuff=0x41906364 "\001", outbuff_length=4096)
#4 0x807a9e2 in WordDBCompress_uncompress_c (inbuff=0x899d740 "\004",
    outbuff=0x41906364 "\001", outbuff_length=4096, user_data=0x8284a30)
#5 0x80be159 in __memp_cmpr_read (dbmfp=0x8284b28, bhp=0x41906334,
    niop=0xbfffec48) at ../mp/mp_cmpr.c:254
#6 0x80bdf0c in __memp_cmpr (dbmfp=0x8284b28, bhp=0x41906334,
db_io=0xbfffec4c, flag=1,
    niop=0xbfffec48) at ../mp/mp_cmpr.c:119
#7 0x80d4b94 in __memp_pgread (dbmfp=0x8284b28, bhp=0x41906334,
can_create=0) at ../mp/mp_bh.c:190
#8 0x80bb1eb in memp_fget (dbmfp=0x8284b28, pgnoaddr=0xbfffed2c,
flags=0, addrp=0xbfffed30)
    at ../mp/mp_fget.c:303
#9 0x80cbae6 in __bam_search (dbc=0x835d730, key=0xbffff00c, flags=386,
stop=1, recnop=0x0,
    exactp=0xbfffede4) at ../btree/bt_search.c:241
#10 0x80c6b81 in __bam_c_search (dbc=0x835d730, cp=0x82843f0,
key=0xbffff00c, flags=21,
    exactp=0xbfffede4) at ../btree/bt_cursor.c:1531
#11 0x80c5112 in __bam_c_get (dbc=0x835d730, key=0xbffff00c,
data=0xbfffef00, flags=21)
    at ../btree/bt_cursor.c:452
#12 0x80a6829 in __db_put (dbp=0x82840c0, txn=0x0, key=0xbffff00c,
data=0xbfffeff4, flags=17)
    at ../db/db_am.c:389
#13 0x80c3dc0 in Db::put (this=0x82a2370, txnid=0x0, key=0xbffff00c,
value=0xbfffeff4, flags=17)
    at ../cxx/cxx_table.cpp:196
#14 0x8072cc3 in WordList::Put (this=0xbffff6d4, arg=@0x89ab4b8,
flags=0) at WordDB.h:127
#15 0x806a9ef in HtWordList::Flush (this=0xbffff6d4) at
#16 0x80552a8 in Retriever::parse_url (this=0xbffff600,
urlRef=@0x8589220) at
#17 0x8054628 in Retriever::Start (this=0xbffff600) at
#18 0x805e728 in main (ac=3, av=0xbffffa94) at


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