Re: [htdig3-dev] Segmentation fault in long run

Subject: Re: [htdig3-dev] Segmentation fault in long run
From: Geoff Hutchison (
Date: Mon Feb 28 2000 - 10:03:35 PST

On Mon, 28 Feb 2000, Gilles Detillieux wrote:

> > I'm a bit confused here. Why is it running ExternalParser for a file
> > named .htm--shouldn't it be going through the HTML parser? What are
> > you using for your external parser?
> Those functions are clearly not in The line number
> reported is the very last line of source in that file, so it's probably

I *know* the functions weren't in ExternalParser. My question was why
ExternalParser was coming up for a .htm file at all! The functions are in
the Berkeley code, but before we go pointing a finger, I want to know how
it got to this situation. Is the ExternalParser somehow spitting up
something the rest of the code doesn't like?

Granted, I haven't personally indexed 10,000 documents with 3.2, but I
know of several people who have done so on previous snapshots. So I
personally think we need to know a few more details about this.


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