Re: [htdig3-dev] (current) stopped working.

Subject: Re: [htdig3-dev] (current) stopped working.
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Mon Feb 28 2000 - 07:52:52 PST

According to Geoff Hutchison:
> At 4:14 PM -0500 2/26/00, Charlie Romero wrote:
> >>When you say "upgraded," what version did you upgrade to, 3.1.5?
> >my mistake it's a really old version 3.1.0b1, I guess I should step
> >into the 20th century.
> Please do. Versions before 3.1.5 have a security hole (among many
> other bugs). I seem to remember that the CURRENT template variable
> was available through a patch to 3.0.8b2 but this didn't make it into
> version 3.1.0b1.

Yes, $(CURRENT) was added in 3.1.0b2, but the name must be given in
upper case, as for all template variables.

> It is in version 3.1.5. For those numerologists out there, you can
> argue about whether 2000 is or isn't in the 20th century. ;-)

Don't even go there, Geoff! :-P

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