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Subject: Re: [htdig3-dev] FW: ht://dig
From: Geoff Hutchison (
Date: Sat Feb 26 2000 - 12:53:51 PST

At 10:32 AM -0600 2/25/00, Spike Parker wrote:
> > or any number of statements based upon any one, or any number of the
> > following indexed attributes .1 Prepared on date 2. Period end date 3.
> > Company lease number 4. Lease name 5. Statement recipient 6. Operator name
> > 7. State lease number . All of these items are contained within the body
> > the text files.

Sounds pretty straight-forward, though you probably want to have some
sort of automatically-generated index for these attributes. I don't
know of any pre-packaged system for this, but you could easily hire
someone with knowledge of Perl or Python to write some sort of CGI
that would generate these indexes on-the-fly.

> > We have set up several of the statements with the <META
> > NAME="htdig-keywords" CONTENT=" etc, etc. (our identifiers) and are ready
> > start testing, but have no clue what should come next.

You probably want to use the <meta name="keywords" content="..."> tag
as well as the <meta name="description" content="..."> tags. These
are standard tags and interpreted by almost all search engines,
ht://Dig included. You'll find information on them in almost any HTML
guide. Basically, you'll probably want to convert the text files to
at least minimal HTML and put them up in appropriate places in your
Apache DocumentRoot.

> > We suppose that we need to create some type of page upon which the search
> > engine functions will reside .. but how

See the search.html file that was installed. If you don't know where
it ended up, see installdir/search.html in the source directory,
though this version will need to be edited to reflect the
installation paths you chose.

> > I believe you see, by now the sort of help I am in need of. I will answer
> > any questions.

Offhand, this isn't the best forum for these questions. This mailing
list is for ht://Dig developer discussion. You'll probably get better
response from the mailing list. Most of us are also
on that, but there are obviously more users than developers! :-)


-Geoff Hutchison
Williams Students Online

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