[htdig3-dev] No matches were found for 'linux'

Subject: [htdig3-dev] No matches were found for 'linux'
From: Alain FORCIOLI (aforcioli@risc.fr)
Date: Fri Feb 25 2000 - 03:57:46 PST


I'm using htdig 3.2.0b1.

Here are the htdig wordlist compression directives :

wordlist_compress_debug: 2
wordlist_compress: true
wordlist_cache_size: 40000000

wordlist_monitor: true
wordlist_monitor_period: 1

Indexation is ok.

htsearch (via the web interface) always returns "No matches were found
for 'linux'" when i'm searching for the word 'linux'. 'linux' is an
exemple. Any words i've tested gets the same message.

When i use htsearch via the command line all is ok. I get some hits
with the word 'linux' inside.

In this thread, http://www.htdig.org/htdig3-dev/2000/01/0209.html,
Gilles said to check the config file. I've done it again and again
with no result.

I'm sure i don't have the tips i need to find a mistake.

Could you give me some tips to detect/check the config file ?

Thank you very much.

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