[htdig3-dev] Current Status as of snapshot 3.2.0b2-022000

Subject: [htdig3-dev] Current Status as of snapshot 3.2.0b2-022000
From: root@htdig.org
Date: Sun Feb 20 2000 - 00:04:03 PST

STATUS of ht://Dig branch 3-2-x

   3.2.0b2: Release date ?, Unfrozen
   3.2.0b1: Released: 4 Feb 2000.


* htdig/Image.cc doesn't use Transport classes.
* URL.cc tries to parse malformed URLs (which causes further problems)
   (It should probably just set everything to empty) This relates to
* Not all htsearch input parameters are handled properly: PR#648.
* If exact isn't specified in the search_algorithms, $(WORDS) is not set
   correctly: PR#650. (The documentation for 3.2.0b1 is updated, but can
   we fix this?)
* Running on BSDI and similar systems causes coredumps because the regex
   code is incompatible. We need some sort of configure test for this.
* SGML encoding/decoding does not work with numeric forms, e.g. " -> quote.

* Hans-Peter's sort-by-url patch for htsearch
* Creating 'httools' directory and creating a few simple tools.
* Multiple database patch

* ExternalTransport with non 'http' URLs.
* URL parser
* htfuzzy tests
* New config parser
* htmerge -m

* Update cf_* pages to mention new config parser (i.e. URL-dependent config)
* Add thorough documentation on htsearch restrict/exclude behavior
  (including | and regex).
* require.html is not updated to list new features and disk space
  requirements of 3.2.x (e.g. phrase searching, regex matching,
  external parsers and transport methods, database compression.)
* TODO.html has not been updated for current TODO list and completions.

* Can htsearch actually search while an index is being created?
* Can we reproduce the DB2 errors that sometimes cropped up in 3.1.x?
   (e.g. PR#473, PR#476)
* Is the HTML output of htsearch HTML 4.0 strictly compliant?
* Error messages should be more informative if no URLs are indexed by htdig
  or htmerge. PR#672.
* Should we get rid of uncoded_db_compatible--the databases have
  changed completely, so all databases should be built with
  common_url_parts and url_part_aliases now.

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