[htdig3-dev] Installation tree layout

Subject: [htdig3-dev] Installation tree layout
From: loic@ceic.com
Date: Tue Feb 15 2000 - 11:05:43 PST


       As approved last week, I changed the installation scheme and
updated the documentation (install.html) so that headers are installed
in prefix/include/htdig and libraries in prefix/lib/htdig.

       Here are the details:

        * htlib/Makefile.am: removed CFLAGS=-g (use make CXXFLAGS=-g all

        * htdoc/install.html: specify header/lib install directory now
          is prefix/include/htdig and prefix/lib/htdig.

        * Makefile.am (distclean-local): use TESTDIR instead of deprecated

        * */Makefile.am: install libraries in prefix/lib/htdig and
          includes in prefix/include/htdig. Just prepend pkg in front of
          automake targets.

        * include/Makefile.am: install htconfig.h

        And the new installation tree layout:

bin cgi-bin conf htdocs include lib share var

htdig htdump htfuzzy htload htmerge htnotify htstat rundig


htdig.conf mime.types


button1.gif button2.png button5.gif button7.png buttonl.gif htdig.png star_blank.png
button1.png button3.gif button5.png button8.gif buttonl.png search.html
button10.gif button3.png button6.gif button8.png buttonr.gif star.gif
button10.png button4.gif button6.png button9.gif buttonr.png star.png
button2.gif button4.png button7.gif button9.png htdig.gif star_blank.gif


Configuration.h HtPack.h IntObject.h WordCaseIsAStatements.h WordStat.h
Connection.h HtRandom.h List.h WordContext.h WordType.h
DB2_db.h HtRegex.h Object.h WordDB.h db.h
Database.h HtTime.h ParsedString.h WordDBCompress.h db_185.h
Dictionary.h HtVector.h Queue.h WordDBPage.h db_cxx.h
HtCodec.h HtVectorGeneric.h QuotedStringList.h WordKey.h good_strtok.h
HtDateTime.h HtVectorGenericCode.h Stack.h WordKeyInfo.h htString.h
HtFile.h HtVector_String.h StringList.h WordList.h htconfig.h
HtHTTP.h HtVector_int.h StringMatch.h WordMonitor.h langinfo.h
HtHeap.h HtWordCodec.h Transport.h WordRecord.h lib.h
HtMaxMin.h HtWordType.h WordBitCompress.h WordReference.h regex.h


libcommon-3.2.0.so libfuzzy.a libht.la libhtnet-3.2.0.so libhtword.a
libcommon.a libfuzzy.la libht.so libhtnet.a libhtword.la
libcommon.la libfuzzy.so libhtdb.a libhtnet.la libhtword.so
libcommon.so libht-3.2.0.so libhtdb.so libhtnet.so
libfuzzy-3.2.0.so libht.a libhtdb.so.3 libhtword-3.2.0.so


bad_words english.aff header.html nomatch.html synonyms wrapper.html
english.0 footer.html long.html short.html syntax.html



        Let me know if you have troubles with that. I double checked
make dist, make check, make distcheck, --prefix or without --prefix,
in the source tree and outside the source tree. But nobody is perfect :-}


		Loic Dachary

24 av Secretan 75019 Paris Tel: 33 1 42 45 09 16 e-mail: loic@dachary.org URL: http://www.senga.org/

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