Re: [htdig3-dev] Installation tree layout

Subject: Re: [htdig3-dev] Installation tree layout
From: Geoff Hutchison (
Date: Thu Feb 10 2000 - 16:16:52 PST

At 11:43 PM +0100 2/10/00, wrote:
> I propose the following, which is the only standard way I know to
>deal with that kind of problem. Headers might be put in prefix/include/htdig
>and libraries in prefix/lib/htdig. Let me know if you like the idea. I think
>it's a good time to do this and that we will be in trouble if we do this
>later. The best thing is that it only needs a trivial modification of the
> I'll update the documentation accordingly, I swear ;-)

My only concern is if the headers/libs change between versions. I
don't think this should be a problem with libraries--they have the
version number appended. But what would happen if someone still had
old libraries and we replaced the headers? Should we have
htdig-${VERSION} instead of just htdig?


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