[htdig3-dev] Re: Multiple database (patch)

Subject: [htdig3-dev] Re: Multiple database (patch)
From: Geoff Hutchison (ghutchis@wso.williams.edu)
Date: Wed Feb 09 2000 - 11:37:16 PST

> without having to merge the databases. The patch also exposes the
> search algorithm selection so that the user can select a search policy.
> search_policies
> second is the internal name of the policy. The internal
> policies are attributes defined in the config file, which follow the
> syntax and semantics of search_algorithm attribute.
> If a search policy is selected by the user, it is used as the
> search_algorithm for the search session.

I'm not quite sure how this is any different from setting:
allow_in_form: search_algorithm

Then you make a pop-up in the search output for the appropriate
algorithms. Or you could use the new build_select_list to make the pop-up.
It seems like it's already in there...


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