[htdig3-dev] Re: config parser (was Current Status as of snapshot 3.2.0b1-020600)

Subject: [htdig3-dev] Re: config parser (was Current Status as of snapshot 3.2.0b1-020600)
From: Geoff Hutchison (ghutchis@wso.williams.edu)
Date: Tue Feb 08 2000 - 09:44:29 PST

On Tue, 8 Feb 2000, Gilles Detillieux wrote:

> According to Vadim Chekan:
> > I'm again with my preposition about more severe config parser.
> > All unknown options in cofig should generate error.
> > User-defined variables should be declared for example in follow way:
> > ====
> > define: my_var1 my_var2
> > my_var1: /usr/local/www/htdoc
> > start_url: ${my_var1}/some_dir/
> > ====
> >
> > This also will prevent stupid typo.

Sounds good to me, it seems like we have consensus--is there anyone
against it?

It sounds like we're going to have to make some serious changes of the
documentation--I think this is likely to be a good thing. We don't want to
make a huge curve for upgrading, but it would be nice to make it obvious
that there are changes people should consider.

> Do we also allow implicit declarations of user-defined attributes, e.g.
> by using them in allow_in_form or build_select_list? I can see good
> and bad points to this, the bad point being that it doesn't provide the
> same protection against typos that you'd have if you required explicit
> declarations of all user-defined attributes.

I think we want to stay away from this. As it stands, allow_in_form lets
you shoot yourself in your foot. So providing some level of protection
against typos is IMHO a good thing. (OK, so it only means that you
probably *knew* that you were going to shoot yourself in your foot.)


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