RE: [htdig3-dev] Java version

Subject: RE: [htdig3-dev] Java version
From: Claus Pedersen (
Date: Tue Feb 08 2000 - 05:25:46 PST

Thanks for your answer. I know it's a bad time right now, while you are all
working on the new version.

As I've never participated in a distributed project like this, I'd rather
not start out as a 'leader' of a new tree and certainly not alone. So again:
If anyone on the list wants to participate or knows somebody who'll
participate, I'll be happy to pick up the htdig4-tree. But I'll need someone
to guide and help me.

Claus B. Pedersen

At 10:08 AM +0100 1/21/00, Claus Pedersen wrote:
>>Are there any plans of porting ht://Dig to Java? If a couple of others
>>to help, I would gladly participate in such a project. I have a fair
>>knowledge of both C and Java, but almost no experience in C++.

>I actually don't think anyone got back to you. First off, if you have
>knowledge of C and Java, I can't imagine browsing through C++ code
>would be very difficult. Most of the coding doesn't involve making
>new classes, so even just knowing C is usually sufficient.

>There were plans to port ht://Dig to Java as a 'htdig4' tree. At the
>moment, it is dead (or sleeping?) since most of us see more utility
>in working on the current htdig3 tree. I don't know what kind of
>response would be generated if someone picked up htdig4.

>I hope that answers your question (if a bit late).


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