Re: [htdig3-dev] Current Status as of snapshot 3.2.0b1-020600

Subject: Re: [htdig3-dev] Current Status as of snapshot 3.2.0b1-020600
Date: Mon Feb 07 2000 - 01:17:53 PST

> Are there any other attributes which are (or should) be defunct in
> the next release? Since word_list isn't used in the code, I think it
> should go, unless we want to change word_dump to word_list (they have
> remarkably similar function). I'm also wondering if we shouldn't kill

 I renamed it because the format of the file was not the same. Maybe that
was a mistake and we should keep word_list instead. I see

Sun Sep 12 12:27:16 1999 Geoff Hutchison <>

        * htcommon/ Remove word_list since that file is no
        longer used.

 but apparently it got back to at some point.


		Loic Dachary

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