Re: [htdig3-dev] Bug#56721: htdig and locale de_DE peculiarities. (fwd)

Subject: Re: [htdig3-dev] Bug#56721: htdig and locale de_DE peculiarities. (fwd)
From: Gergely Madarasz (
Date: Fri Feb 04 2000 - 11:35:06 PST

On Fri, 4 Feb 2000, Gilles Detillieux wrote:

> > > 3.1.4, or just a straight, unmodified installation of the 3.1.4
> > > If there are any patches, please provide us with them.
> >
> > There are a few changes in the build process (don't build libdb, use
> > glibc's libdb or libdb2, depending on the glibc version number), and a
> > couple of changes for backporting to the older db api like:
> > - if ((seqrc = dbp->cursor(dbp, NULL, &dbcp, 0)) != 0)
> > + if ((seqrc = dbp->cursor(dbp, NULL, &dbcp)) != 0)
> > No patches which would modify parsing.
> > You can check the diff on
> >
> Hmmm. I don't like the sound of "backporting to the older db". We have
> not determined that the problem is in HTML parsing, and in fact that
> seems quite unlikely at this point. We've included Sleepycat's Berkeley
> DB 2.6.4 (with a few patches), since about version 3.1.1, so I'd be leery
> about going back to an earlier version. I'm not sure how dependent the
> code is on the current version, but I think there were reasons for going
> with it. Version 3.2 of htdig will include a more recent version of the
> DB package, with a whole lot more patches to it, and it will definitely be
> dependent on the bundled version. I'd certainly recommend building 3.1.4
> with its bundled db package before we go looking elsewhere for problems.
> The user reported problems that I simply can't explain based on the
> code, and are nothing like anything else we've seen, so it's clear that
> something is going very wrong deep in the bowels of the code, and I'd
> say that the DB package is as good a place to start as any.

Was there any reason to upgrade to latest libdb any other that there was a
newer version? If there are additional patches needed, were they sent
upstream? If there are problems with libdb, then why does glibc still
include an older version? The debian policy is to use shared libraries as
much as possible, and I haven't seen any problems so far for using an
older libdb...

> I took a look at the patch file above, and I must say that the man pages
> are a nice touch. We should probably fold them into the distribution.

They were created by the previous maintainer of the .deb package, Geoff
already asked about them and the answer was yes back then...

> I did notice a problem with the debian/postinst script, though. The test
> for the endings and synomyms databases is wrong - right now it's testing
> for the document databases. Also, the message to the installer suggests
> that /usr/sbin/htdigconfig will rebuild an existing endings database.
> It won't. It will only rebuild the endings or the synonyms database if
> it doesn't exist.

Also remained from the previous maintainer... it is wrong but works most
of the time :) nobody complained yet about it anyway, so if it works,
I won't break it :)

> The code that was commented out of rundig probably
> does a better test, as it will rebuild if the source files are newer than
> the current synonyms or endings databases.

Yes, but currently those files are in /usr/lib/htdig which may be mounted
readonly, so can't be rebuilt on the fly... they could be moved, but the
upgrade could be difficult (automatic changes of conffiles are not
allowed, etc....)

> I'd also highly recommend
> over for 3.1.4. was a bit modified by a fellow debian developer to handle all
possible converters from .doc, .ps and .pdf available in debian... I
didn't actually go into it, so I just included the file...

> I was also a bit curious about the huge htlib/DB2_db.I in the patch file.
> Is this an artifact, or was it necessary to get htdig to build with
> debian's DB package?

Hmm... probably remained from the time I debugged why it wouldn't build
with the installed libdb :) I'll remove it from the next upload.

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