[htdig3-dev] re pre-release

Subject: [htdig3-dev] re pre-release
From: Budd, S (s.budd@ic.ac.uk)
Date: Fri Feb 04 2000 - 07:08:33 PST

Happy to say that on
 SunOs 5.7 gcc 2.95.1
I have a configure gmake and execution which performs
a search and returns results.

 What happened to our lovely 1 2 .. next images ?
My configure script was as below.. It puts the htdig.gif and the
buttonsX.gif into the images directory
but the results pages refer to the htdig.gif as
however the reference to buttons1.gif as
/htdig/button1.gif ( mind you it is a efficient way of doing it as no
gifs go over network and we still get the ALT= appearing .. nice

BASE=/home/ppp/htdig-test/ export BASE
./configure \
--with-search-dir=$BASE \
--prefix=$BASE \
--exec-prefix=$BASE \
--with-cgi-bin-dir=$BASE'cgi-bin' \
--with-config_dir=$BASE'conf' \
--with-common-dir=$BASE'common' \
--with-default-config-file=htdig.conf \
--with-search-dir=$BASE \
--with-image-url-prefix=/images \
--with-search-form=search.html \
--disable-shared \
--with-database-dir=$BASE'dbase' \

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