[htdig3-dev] 3.2 date code reopens PR#79

Subject: [htdig3-dev] 3.2 date code reopens PR#79
From: Gilles Detillieux (grdetil@scrc.umanitoba.ca)
Date: Wed Feb 02 2000 - 12:14:54 PST

Just over a year ago, Geoff fixed this bug, but the new date handling
code in 3.2 seems to impose a very strict adherance to RFC 1123 or 850
format, or if the comma is missing, then asctime() format. This will
break on servers that use a loose form of RFC 1123 or 850, but leave
off the weekday.

Sat Jan 9 14:47:17 1999 Geoff Hutchison <ghutchis@wso.williams.edu>

        * htdig/Document.cc(getdate): Strip off weekday before calling
        strptime since some servers return invalid weekdays. Fixes PR #79.

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