[htdig3-dev] HEAD before GET to allow exclusion by MIME content-type

Subject: [htdig3-dev] HEAD before GET to allow exclusion by MIME content-type
From: Simon Pickup (simon@adacel.com.au)
Date: Tue Feb 01 2000 - 20:56:12 PST

We use htdig to index a remote site over a WAN, but that site serves a
number of large binary files, and we want to save bandwidth by
preventing these from being downloaded (as they cannot be indexed

We are currently using "bad_extensions" to skip them by URL matching,
but it would be more reliable if we could skip them based on the MIME
type returned in the HTTP header. Of course to do this would mean
sending a HEAD request first, and then only a GET if the content-type is
one we can index. Of course this has a significant latency impact, but
we can live with that.

I was considering something like "valid_content_types" and
"bad_content_types" analagous to "valid_extensions" and
"bad_extensions". They would default to empty, resulting in the current
GET-only behaviour; if either is non-empty, the behaviour would be

Has anybody considered this before? Any thoughts?

Presumably it would not be too difficult to implement, and I'd consider
writing a patch myself.

Simon Pickup Adacel Technologies Limited
Senior Software Engineer ACN 079 672 281
simon@adacel.com.au 250 Bay Street
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        A D A C E L
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