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A lot of questions that ht://Dig users ask have more to do with general HTML coding than with anything specific to the ht://Dig search engine. For example, we get a lot of questions about how to use <link> tags, robot tags, and other tags for getting info into htdig, as well as questions about how to put together a search form with select lists, radio buttons or other input tags, and so on. So, I put the question to ht://Dig users, asking them where they turn for general information on HTML, and combined their suggestions with some of my favorite sites.


These are fairly simple instructions geared to beginners. They are basic, reasonably user-friendly primers.


These are more complete and definitive references, for finding all the nitty-gritty details about what the standards say, or links to lots of other HTML resouorces. Not exactly light reading.

Advice on Style

These are sites that I like to point out to users enamoured with "cool tricks" like pull-down menus and JavaScript. If you want some good, cautionary advice about making your sites accessible, look here.

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Last modified: 2002/10/10
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