ht://Dig Logo/Template Contest


New Logo: Many have felt that it is time to change the ht://Dig logo. If you think that the current logo (see below) could use some updating, please consider designing a new logo for us. The new logo will be included in the next release of ht://Dig.

Templates: The ht://Dig site would like to feature examples of search templates that can be used to format search results in different ways. If you have written a template that you think is interesting, please submit it.

Logo requirements

Large logo: not more than 200 x 120 pixels, JPEG, GIF, or PNG format (this should end up less than 10k, when compressed). Image should be designed on a white background.

Small logo: about 100 x 50 pixels. Transparent GIF or PNG format. This logo should be viewable on any color background, even a textured background.

How to Submit

You may either FTP the files to, or attach them to an email to Benjamin Smedberg <> If you are using MacroMedia FireWorks or Adobe Photoshop to create the images, please include the source files. If you upload the file via FTP, you should send a description via e-mail so we can contact you.


Current Logo Submissions

Original Logo:

Four logos submitted by Colin Viebrock <>.

Sample logo submitted by Benjamin Smedberg (this is too cluttered).

Logo by Markus:

MASH signpost logo submitted by Gabriel Fenteany <>:

A few simple logos contributed by Geoff Hutchison <>:

Logo by kulashaker

Another logo by Benjamin Smedberg:

Logo by Bert DeSimone <>